Friday, November 9, 2012

Want Elephant News?

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A few months ago I fell into the habit of posting news articles from other sources on my blog.  That turned out to be not a perfect decision; I’m taking those articles down and returning to my original concept of all words and photo’s being mine.
Pangporrnsawan at TECC 
I stuck Pangpornsawan's picture in here just because I feel we have a connection.  I'll be so grateful when she leaves hospital and goes to her new home.  Should be another two months or so.  

If you want an excellent one stop source for elephant related news I suggest you try Melissa Groo.  She does a sterling job of researching and disseminating elephant related news.  Below is the contact information:

Please see Save the Elephants.  

Melissa Groo is their Elephants News Service Researcher.  To subscribe to her news lists, just send an email to  with the subject: "Request African,  Request Asian, or Request Both".    I have learned so much about the plights of the Asian Elephant from this news list I must recommend it. 

By the way, this project is supported by the International Elephant Foundation

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  1. Did you know that elephants can live for more than 70 years? Well, enough of the trivia, and let’s talk about our friend here. I hope she’s already left the hospital. I would personally suggest that she be placed somewhere she can grow into a mature elephant and be able to reproduce and live peacefully. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary is actually a good choice.

    Mariah Mosley