Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Progress with Pang Pornsawan

I had the opportunity to visit Pang Pornsawan today.  She is doing well, very well actually.  I could never describe the progress she has made other than to show you photographs of then and now. 

31 August 2011, taken just before we put her on the truck to Lampang
16 December 2011, TECC Elephant Hospital, Lampang
18 July 2012, TECC Elephant Hospital, Lampang
I'm so very grateful for the doctors and staff at TECC who take excellent care of Pang, and all the elephants in their care.  I'm also very grateful to all the people involved in her rescue, her hospitilalization and her future! 

The amazing thing is that Pang maintains a very sweet disposition.  She and I have a connection that I really can’t explain.  Just trust me when I tell you that she knows me and we both know that I care deeply about her.  I have a sense that she really enjoys my company.  Never, never tell me that she should have been put down, or that she is just an animal.  Pang Pornsawan is a magical creature who is loving and very intelligent.
Pang and me, 18 July 2012, Tecc Elephant Hospital, Lampang
What will the future bring?  Well when all the raw red coloring is gone from her wound she will come to the Elephant Nature Park and there spend the rest of her days.  An estimate I was given today was we are about 6 months out.  I’m so looking forward to that day; hopefully I’ll be allowed to ride with her on the final leg of her journey from that minefield so far away!

Abundant Blessings, 


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