Monday, July 30, 2012

Good News, Administrative Information & Sad News

Gentle Reader,

There is good news, administrative information and sad news regarding Save Elephant Foundation and her premier attraction, Elephant Nature Park.

Good News!  Save Elephant Foundation has a new  “Official” Facebook page.  Our social media leader just wrote me saying:   We have set up a new Facebook fan page and need to get some "likes" in order to get a vanity URL and begin to spread the word about all of the good we do, as well as raise awareness about animal welfare, conservation and more. If you have a moment, and don't mind, could you please head to this link and give the page a "like”?  Please take moment and go to Save-Elephant-Foundation  Please share this with your friends, and please pass this blog notice on as well. 

Administrative Information:   Our new  Public Relations and Social Media leader, Diana Edelman is on board and hard at work.  There are more exciting changes coming soon.  Please stay tuned.

Lek comforts for the baby! 

When the dogs barked she would cover his ears and gently sign to him
This is love!
Sad News:   Save Elephant Foundation rescued a newborn elephant who had been rejected by his mother.  He was brought to the park and spent is short life being loved and nursed by staff and volunteers.  For a couple of days it looked like he was gaining strength and would survive.

When I went to see him volunteers were tending him around the clock.   He certainly was well tended during his short stay. His mother, Mae Kham, was brought to the park in an attempt to re-unite the two.  When I was there a few days ago she was close to the baby’s pen and seemed interested in him.  Staff and volunteers were taking milk from her and feeding it to the baby.  Lek came and spent days and nights with him.  Volunteers watched over him 24 hours a day, taking 3 hour shifts. 

Sadly, the little guy made his transition late Saturday afternoon. There was a ceremony and he was buried at ENP on Sunday morning.  Just this morning, one good friend reminded me that Save Elephant Foundation did not own the baby. Had he survived the owners would have taken him back to their village; at least now he will never have to suffer the phajaan.  Could her own tortured past be the reason that Mae Kham chose to kill her own children?  The best we can hope for is that Mae Kham’s owners don’t’ try to breed her in the future.

Rest in Peace, Little Elephant, you are loved! 

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  1. Some things I just don't understand and maybe that's the way it's meant to be? Rejected by its mother; however, loved by so many others? Sounds like what happens in human life? Nevertheless, Elephant heaven has a new guest today and will be their brand-new gift. My heart goes out to Lek and all the volunteers for their loss.