Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pang Pornsawan's Christmas Message to Me

So, I’m standing close to her, gently patting her face when she looks at me with her big brown eye and asks what’s troubling me.  
A visit with Pang Pornsawan on December 16, 2012
 “The art sale event” I say. Lowering my voice to an inaudible whisper I share my concerns that people aren't rushing to buy the prints that are available.  She understands that as an artist I don’t want to lower prices but then she reminds me that it’s the Christmas season.  “Christmas was an extremely important Christian holiday which has been perverted by commercial greed” I argue.  Now she’s silent, fully present and waiting.  “Oh alright, I’ll have a sale like everyone else” I told her.  Pang’s message is clear as a bell on a cold crisp night “Do the Art Sale Event for love and leave the results up to the spirit of Christmas”.  I can do that.
Buy your tickets now! 
There are four beautiful canvas prints available at Taste From Heaven in Chaing Mai.  The price is reduced by 30% for the holidays. Pop in, buy one, roll it up, stick it in a mailing tube and you have a perfect art piece to take or send back home.

Abundant Blessings,


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