Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pang Pornsawan - December 16, 2012

She is doing well, my favorite elephant, Pang Pornsawan.  A couple of days ago I went to the hospital at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center to visit her.  For some, looking at her maimed foot may be difficult, but I remember it when the wound was fresh.  A lot of healing is evident.  

16 December 2011

The chief doctor was not available on Friday and the young veterinarian who is applying the treatment speaks no English.  I did learn that the treatments continue to consist of twice daily cleaning the wounded area and applying medicines to prevent infection.  In the past the prognosis had been that she would be in hospital approximately one year.  She’s now been there about 4 months.  When asked how long this time, the young vet replied “Two years or less”.  In the past the prognosis has always been a year.
Daily Treatment 
There is no way yet, that this gal can put any weight at all on her left rear foot. She’s compensating.  To walk she puts her two front feet slightly ahead of body then hops forward with her right rear. She may never win an elephant race, but she will survive and once released from hospital she’ll have the opportunity to spend the rest of her life in sanctuary with other elephants at the Elephant Nature Park.  There she will meet two other land mine victims, but that’s a story for the future.

I continue to be amazed by her disposition.  I’m not a person who wants to get all ‘cuddly’ with every elephant I see.  Pang is different.  From the first time I met her back in August there seems to be a magical connection between us.  I can’t explain it, and if I could you would think I’ve gone off my rocker.  I feel like she knows I’m there to support her in her recovery and sometimes I get the sense that she may know what profound effect she is having on my attitude.  She motivates me to do more and more.  
She is lovely! 

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  1. Love your writing Jerry but this post is especially heart warming. Thanks mate !