Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day at the Elephant Nature Park

We went to the park for an overnight visit, the Elephant Nature Park, that is. I was there for three reasons: 1st I had promised ArSee that I’d come see him soon, 2nd there was a list of photographs I had been asked to produce and 3rd it was time for a day of peace and serenity. I’m here to report all three were well accomplished. I can’t possibly put all the photo’s in this blog article. If you want to see the set just go to: I will share a few of the highlights with you here.  It was rainy, misty and magical.

Through the rain comes magic light

Without the Elephants, there would be no purpose to the park. These creatures are the why behind all the hard work that is done. Without the volunteers the task would be impossible. Fortunately there are both elephants and volunteers to make all this possible. Here are a few photo’s with little to no explanation required

Hope gets a snack from Nancy

Aaron and his new friend

Jokia, Jerry, Maliwan and Mae Perm

Happy Elephant

Michelle and two of her fans!
(Michelle is a long time volunteer who is simply amazing)!

Dr Pradith keeps the animals healthy

Volunteers are also dog lovers
Come to the park! Spend the day. Maybe, just maybe, you will fall in love with the animals, the people and the magic that is the Elephant Nature Park. Please forward this to all your friends and please elect to follow this blog. Thank you.

9 year old Tong Suk (Jungle Boy)
This is one handsome young elephant!

ArSee has a girl friend and it's Mae Lanna!
ArSee will be easy to recognize; he has only one tusk

Abundant Blessings,

Jerry Nelson

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