Sunday, November 7, 2010

October 21st at ENP

A day at the park
Oops, I almost forgot to process the photographs I took the last time I was at the Elephant Nature Park; that was the 21st of October, the day before we went to see the baby twin Elephants.   I finally finished them and they are available for your viewing pleasure at
Here are a couple of my favorites:
We love the elephants

Hope goes for a swim

Lek and the baby girl

An upcoming fundraiser:
I’d like to ask you to let me know which elephant photographs are your favorites.  I’m planning on doing some printing and selling to raise money for the foundation.  Prints will likely be canvas as well as traditional photo paper.  There will be details forthcoming, for now just help me pick the image that you think would be the most saleable.

Jerry’s Elephant Awareness Month, Continued:
Laos was once known as the land of a million elephants.  Today they are pretty scarce and those there are in constant danger of being slaughtered for their ivory or sold to the circus types in other countries.   Like the Thai the Lao revere the elephant; you can see this in their temples and such.  Below are a few shots I took in Vientiane earlier in the week.   I just love the one triple tusker!
Temple Elephant

Needs a bit of repair!
I'm sorry I didn't get a better shot of this.   To me it looks like it's part elephant and part duck.  I'm sure there is a mythological story to be learned here.  Maybe when I return to Vientiane I'll make a point of learning about this one.

Abundant Blessings,

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