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As it turns out twin elephants are quite rare.  There is a set in Sri Lanka and a set in Surin.  The Surin elephants are extremely rate; they are both males.  Interested readers can simple google “Twin Elephants”.
On October 8, 2010 Mai Kam Moon gave birth to twin girls.  I was invited to go and see them; what a blessing!  The visit was on the evening of October 22d and the morning of October 23d.  They were a mere 2 weeks old.  They are just amazing!   What fun watching the little ones learn!
Pick it up with my trunk!  Wow Mom you are stong!
The babies are really too young to do much walking so Mai Kam Moon is retricted to a shelter that was built for her and the babies.  In a few days, when their legs are a bit stonger they will have more freedom.  For now they are very happy to stick by mom.  They seem to be spending a lot of time figuring out just how their trunks, legs and feet work.  There will be a lot of photo’s posted in a few days.  I’ll modify this article when they are on line.
All feet (and trunks)
Mai Kam Moon is one of the elephants that made the “Journey to Freedom”.  She has been living very near the Karin village called Ban Mae Satop.  Her twins have made the national news and the tiny village is now on the map.  Fortunately the roads are such that the casual tourist will avoid the trip.   While the village deserves it’s moment I’m of the opinion that too many tourists would be a bad thing.
Mother and babies
Unfortunately there are many people who would love to exploit these twins.  Twin elephants doing synchronized circus tricks could be quite a draw. There may be a bidding war for these two little angles.   Maybe that’s why Lek has given them the nicknames Tung Ngern and Tung Tong. (bag of silver and bag of gold).

They are just too cute!

Baby elephants should stay with their mother.  They breast feed for about 30 months after birth.
Mother feeds the babies
Look for more news about these little angels in the future.

Confessions of a photographer:   I took way too many pictures on this trip to Mae Cheam.  The total click count was over 800.   I've culled them down and divided them into two albums on photobucket.   Photos of the people, scenery and all that are at:   Photo's of the elephants are at  Enjoy, but please do not copy or print.  If you want an image just contact me and I'll be happy to provide, that way you get quality and my copyright is protected.  Fair enough?

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