Monday, October 10, 2011

Tickets Go On Sale !

Pang Pornsawan's Art Sale is a reality!  Tickets go on sale in Chiang Mai tomorrow!  You can actually buy the on line today.    Please check the website now and frequently in the coming days to see all the good news at Pang Pornsawan's Art Sale Event

I won't write much today other than to encourage you to check the website and ask you to pass this on to your friends:   There are several ways you can help:

a.  Help get the word out! Share this everywhere!

b.  Donate Art for auction or for sale on line.  So far there are 7 donating artists. I would like to see that   grow to more than 20 in the next week!

c.  Buy a ticket and attend.  Attend with the intent of buying one of these great art pieces.

d.  Buy a ticket as a donation

e.  Recommend to me vendors I can contact for door prizes and gift bag items.  Currently we are promising a gift bag with over 500 baht for the two higher tiers of ticket purchasers.  I'd really like to double or triple that!

Remember,  ALL PROCEEDS from this event go to help Pang Pornsawan.  She definitely deserves our help!!

Abundant Blessings,
Pang is #6 on the Daily Treatment Board

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