Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Call for Artists & Vendors - Please Help Save Elephant Foundation

My plan is to put together an art show with an auction to help raise some money for the Save Elephant Foundation.  Volunteer contributions from artists and vendors will maximize the funds raised and keep the book keeping simple.  Artists and vendors will be given maximum recognition in press releases etc.  The date will be the event will be set based on feedback to this notice and the availability of a venue. 
Peek A Boo

The event will consist of:

a,  An exhibition at a location in Chiang Mai Thailand with a silent auction for all the pieces on display.  The art pieces can be paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures and of course photographic images.   The subject matter is not restricted to elephants because some people may love the elephants but prefer other types of art. 
      b.  An on line element consisting of photographs not on display in Chiang Mai.  These could be printed before the event, or printed and drop shipped at the time of sale.
      c.  A reception in Chiang Mai.  This may include a sit down dinner if the chosen venue can / will support such an event.
A twist of the trunk for you

Here are a few of the things that we need to make this a huge success:
1.        We need a place to hold this event.   The reception would be the finale.   The location should be in Chiang Mai where I would hope the art could be on display for perhaps as long as a month.   
2.       Food vendors will be needed to cater the reception event.
3.       Artists will be asked to commit and donate their work.
4.       A few good volunteers will be needed to help with the reception event.

Your feedback and CONSTRUCCTIVE criticism is requested.  What can you do to help?  If you are inclined please take a look at the images I’ve just uploaded to:  Art_Show_Candidates and let me know what you think might be saleable and what might not.  At this point I intend to take images on stretch canvas to the event.  My photographs can be printed in a variety of sizes and on a variety of surfaces depending on the desires of the buyers, especially on line. I will have  opportunities to create images between now and the submission deadline, and so will you.
Elephant Nature Park

In the short term please support Lek’s show at the Banyan Tree in Bangkok which will run from April 22d through May 8th.   For details see  Elephant Images Exhibited 
One Excellent Photographer! 

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