Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please be Careful!

As you know, the elephant is in trouble, across the globe actually, and needs your help!  Please give of your time and your money.  Gentle reader, do not worry this blog is not becoming a fund raising vehicle.
Should Elephants walk tight ropes for our entertainment? 

Street Begging; bad for the elephant and dangerous too! 
Having said that, please contribute to the welfare of elephants but please be careful that your money actually goes where you intend.  If you like an organization other that Save the Elephant Foundation / Elephant Nature Park, that's fine. Beware of 3rd party organizations.  Some are legitimate, some not.  Just check with your chosen organization.
More circus tricks for the human amusement 
For confirmation, especially regarding the Save Elephant Foundation / Elephant Nature Park just drop into the office in Chiang Mai.  If that's not practical I'd suggest you contact Phyl Kirkland at or contact her on Face Book  Phyl is actually with Elephant Nature Foundation UK and has done wonders for the elephants!  

Medo and Ahsee at ENP March 18, 2011
As I've reported in the past there have been instances of money not going where it was intended.   I'm happy to report that one of the cases I alluded to has been satisfactorily resolved.  

Now there is another danger lurking.  This one does not directly effect the Elephant Nature Park or any other legitimate organization.   This one is come at you from a man claiming to need money to rescue elephants in Nepal.  More specific information can be found on Carol Buckley's excellent web site:   Once there, at Recent Posts click on Modi Prasad.

Abundant Blessings, 

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