Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lek Stories – A Call for Contributions:

Several days ago I came up with an idea for a project.  Darrick thought it was a great idea so I mentioned it to Lek.  Best predictions for this project include your help, and that’s why I’m writing today.

Very Brief Overview: 

Assemble a collection of short stories about Sangduen “Lek” Chialert. I sincerely believe there are thousands of wonderful stories about Lek that should published.  I only know a few and Lek would never champion such a project; self-flattery is not her style. That’s where you come in:  Please submit your favorite story or stories!  They will be your gift to Lek. Not interested? Read no further.

Interested?  Great! I love caring people who simply want to do the right thing.

Lek  and elephants - perfect love
Brief Overview:

General: The idea is to create a set of very short stories about Lek. Sources would include, but perhaps not be limited to:

    a.  Short things that Lek has written available in the public domain. The story of the geese at ENP is a great example; in fact it was the inspiration for this project.

    b.  PR material that is available

    c.  News media pieces that are available

    d.  Submissions from her fan base, Ambassadors, social media contacts etc.

    e.  Other sources. Done reasonably well this project could take a life of it's own

Submission: Original stories should be submitted directly to me. Please keep the text to 1,000 words or less and please include high resolution photographs as appropriate. Also please feel free to send copies of anything you have seen that you would like to see published.
Remember the Bangkok Floods? 
  • Care would be taken to give photo credits and author credit for each piece that is incorporated in the project.
  • Collection and assembly of permissions documents would be critical.
  • The book will include an extensive credits section.
  • The finished product will be given to Save Elephant Foundation for publication.
No stranger to the media
Financial Understanding:
  • All proceeds from this project will go to Save Elephant Foundation.
  • I will accept no compensation for this project. 
  • Contributors will not receive any compensation.
  • Expenses of printing will be the responsibility of the SEF.
New friends and supporters
Time Table:
  • Accept contributions and gather information: February through August
  • Set Book Style: February
  • Finish Outline of Book Design: March
  • Book Design: March – September
  • Present Final Book Design: In time for Lek’s birthday.
Rationale: There is a lot of information available and there are many people who, I believe, would be interested. The book would be 'light' reading with photographs. As such it would not compete with existing and future biographies; it might even be used as source material at some future point in time.

Abundant Blessings,

Jerry Nelson

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