Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Status of Asian Elephant Stories

Gentle Reader,

As many of you, this blog disappeared for a day and then reappeared without comment.  The best explanation that I have received was from the Blogger Help Forum:  “It can be a glitch, you don't need to worry about it, sometimes Google system makes mistake but as soon as they realize it, they correct it. Once it deleted my Google account (this account) but after an week they gave my Account back. “

I like that explanation; it’s the least controversial and actually makes some technical sense.  On the other hand this and the content I have been posting could have some connection, or not.  In any case I’ve decided to take two actions:

1st I’ve started some research on blog options.  I may end up moving Asian Elephant Stories to a different platform.   I would be most interested in your feedback and would love to hear from you. This would also be an opportunity for me to change the appearance etc.  Please share with me your thoughts.

2nd I thought I would compile a list information sources and share them with you.  That we can do today.  The caveat for this list is it must be about elephants. That’s difficult to really define, so I won’t.  Some of the postings are good, others are not.  Some are written by people who know what they are talking about, some are not.  Some express opinions with which I agree, some express opinions with which I disagree.  Although I love living in Thailand, I hail from the United States where freedom of speech is one of our basic tenants.

1. FaceBook has several elephant and animal conservation groups.  There is a definite downside to this option and that is you can very quickly drown in your own inbox.  O.K. You have been warned, here are some of the FaceBook groups to which I belong:

     a. Elephant Nature Park & Foundation

     b. Save Queenie Save Elephants

     c. The Ugly Truth About Elephant Rides

     d. Bring The Elephant Home

      e. Save The Elephants (see below)

2. Save The Elephants at www.savetheelephants.org has a lot of information they also offer to add you to an email list where you can subscribe to their news lists. Details are on the website under Communication -> Elephant News Service. This website also contains an extensive list of elephant related links.

3. Google Alerts. I just set up a google alert for the word “elephant”. I get a list that includes a lot of totally irrelevant listings, but it does catch a good share of the ones that are interesting to me.

4. I read John Robert’s blog at: http://elephant-tails.anantara.com.  I read others as well but this one is always well written and, at least to me and to John's mother, quite interesting.

There are certainly other excellent sources.  Send me your favorite and I just might add it to this list.

Abundant Blessings, 


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  1. "... and to John's mother ..." LOL.

    Thank you for the inclusion of Save Queenie Save Elephants on Fb. For over 3 years we have advocated for elephants and will continue to do so, be they in circuses or zoos, abused for tourists in SE Asia, or worst of all exterminated for their ivory in Africa. Fb has been a Godsend to bring us together to advocate for them, support those who are supporting them and to get to know each other for the calling of mercy that we all share.

    For the Elephants, Tory

    PS, As far as your new blog - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the font black on white. It is SOO hard to read on a black background.